Initiatives for Health Management

Certification for the third consecutive year as a 2022 Outstanding Health & Productivity Management Organization (large corporation category) and reinforcing initiatives for health and productivity management

NST understands that employees who are in good shape are able to make maximum use of their abilities, and can improve productivity and increase the vitality of an organization, leading to sustained corporate growth. In 2019, we formulated the “Nippon Steel Trading Health Declaration” and the company and health insurance association are working together and devoting efforts to health and productivity management.

In order to prevent illness and promote health among employees, we are cooperating with the health insurance association and carrying out a range of initiatives with a focus on cancer and women’s health.

Health Declaration

  1. 1.NST and the health insurance association will work together to support the health improvement of each employee.
  2. 2.In order to achieve a “work-friendly, work-challenging” situation, NST and its employees work together to create a working environment where everyone is excited and rewarding.
  3. 3.NST will promote work-way reform and productivity improvement, and enhance work-life balance.


1.Continuing initiatives
  • Maintain a 100% examination rate for regular health examinations.
  • Conduct screening for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer, and maintain a high screening rate of 90% or more.
  • Prepare a system for other cancer screening.
  • Improve the family member health examination rate.
  • Communicate the importance of receiving specific health guidance for preventing lifestyle diseases, and promote to increase the participation rate.
  • Expand employee interviews by physicians and others for mental health measures.
2.Countermeasures to infectious diseases
  • Conduct workplace vaccinations with COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Prepare a system for protecting the health of employees and their family members throughout the Group.
  • Provide PCR test and antigen test kits from cooperating medical institutions.
3.Initiatives for further leveling-up
  • Introduce a health information management system (electronic medical charts).
  • Utilize devices (Free Style Libre glucometer) to visualize blood sugar and other vital data.
  • Begin introduction of a “diabetes prevention program” that provides data-based health guidance (advice for improving living habits) from public health nurses and others.

We are continuing to carry out health-focused measures so that employees can work with peace of mind, and maintain and improve their physical and mental health, working towards creating a strong growth company that contributes to society.

Childcare Leave System for Male Employees

Online guidebook produced by NST

In the 2019 fiscal year, the Human Resources Department began to send employees recommendations to encourage utilization of the benefit of childcare leave, via the head of the department, for male employees who had submitted a report of family changes. Subsequently, the acquisition rate has increased significantly. In order to further improve work-life balance, we have advocated a 100% acquisition of the childcare leave for male employees. We will continue to promote the use of the system and increase the acquisition rate and the number of leave days.

Improving the Work-Life Balance

Kazuki Obana, who works in our Credit Management Department, was selected for the SIXES Japanese men's national lacrosse team at The World Games 2022* held in Birmingham, Alabama USA in July. He scored the winning goal in the third place playoff match against England, bringing victory to the team and securing the bronze medal. This spectacular achievement won Japan's first-ever medal in lacrosse at the world championships.

(Photos courtesy of the Japan Lacrosse Association)
  • *The World Games 2022
    Held from July 7 to 17, the games consisted of 30 official events and five demonstration events. Around 3,000 top athletes from approximately 100 countries and regions participated, all aiming to be No. 1 in the world in their sport.

Mr. Obana joined the lacrosse team after entering university. For the overseas study mandated by his university in Japan, he looked for an environment where he could attend school and play lacrosse for nine months starting from the autumn of his sophomore year at a US university. He joined the university's lacrosse team, and improved his technique and strength among players in top-class physical shape and performance. After returning to Japan, his university team won the Japan Lacrosse National Collegiate Championships during his senior year, and he was selected as a candidate member of the national team. He subsequently joined Nippon Steel Trading Corporation where he could continue with lacrosse while working fulltime.

At his new job, he was assigned to the Credit Management Department, and is continually busy working for credit management in the Steel Division, Foodstuffs Division, and responsible departments at related companies in Japan and overseas. As a lacrosse player, he spends as much time as possible on weekdays with personal training such as jogging and strength development. On days off, he frequently trains and participates in practice matches with his club teammates. By maintaining a high awareness of "improving work efficiency" and "schedule management," he has strived to secure time for training while still making steady progress at work. Although his workload can be heavy when urgent issues arise, and during the month-end and year-end busy periods, at those times he makes special efforts such as training that can be carried out in short periods, and has thus been able to balance both his work duties and lacrosse activities.

After becoming employed at Nippon Steel Trading Corporation, he launched a new club team together with companions who also wanted to achieve a higher level of play. This team is now at the center of his sports activities.

In order to attend The World Games 2022, the company granted him special leave, which is in addition to company annual paid leave, so that he could participate in the Games. While he was away his coworkers took over his duties so that Mr. Obana could concentrate on the matches as they cheered him on and supported him back in the office.

Comment from Kazuki Obana:
The special leave granted to me by the company and the support shown by everyone around me at work really made me feel that Nippon Steel Trading Corporation supported and appreciated me both as a valued employee and as a lacrosse player. I hope to continue to further grow as a NST employee and as a lacrosse player in the future.

In these and other ways, Nippon Steel Trading Corporation will continue working to promote the work-life balance so our employees can continue to enjoy and enhance both their work and their personal lives.

Reporting the Bronze Metal victory to President Nakamura