Contributing to a Recycling-Oriented Society and Sustainable Living

Pure Rare Pork from Finland

The Foodstuffs Division is now selling Pure Rare pork from Finland that is produced without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.
Here we introduce the passion that is dedicated to Finnish meat products, which are known worldwide for their top-class level of safety.

Produced in Finland by Atria, sold in Japan

Atria Plc has set a target of achieving carbon neutrality from feed production through product shipping by 2035. Whenever possible, all processes up to product shipping use clean energy from solar and wind power that does not produce CO2.
This has produced a ratio of CO2 generated to CO2 reductions of 50:50 as the company aims to become carbon neutral.
The total surface area of the solar panels installed by Atria is among the highest of any place in Finland, and the company has begun construction to double this area.

Atria feed

CO2 reductions

All feed provided to the pigs is produced using only domestic Finnish grains, not imported feed from overseas. In addition, materials such as residues from purified alcohol made for human use are recycled and used at its plants, and the company is reducing its CO2 emissions throughout the food chain. As a result, Atria has reduced its CO2 emissions per 1 kg of pork to approximately 50% of the global average.

Free of hormones and antibiotics

Giving pigs antibiotics causes some bacteria in the body to survive by developing resistance to the antibiotics. These drug-resistant bacteria have evolved so that antibiotics are less effective on them, and there is the risk that they can be absorbed into the human body through the meat.

In addition, a portion of the drugs is ejected from the pigs’ bodies and accumulates on the floor of the pigpen. These drugs can adhere to the soles of the workers’ shoes and farming equipment, and then disperse into the soil around the pigpen, increasing the risk that the drug contamination will flow into rivers through underground water. By avoiding the use of hormones and antibiotics, Atria has eliminated these risks.

Helping so that Japanese consumers choose Pure Rare pork from Finland

NST has obtained exclusive sales rights from Atria, and as the only company selling Finnish pork in Japan, we have exhibited together with Atria at exhibitions, aiming to increase the products’ level of recognition, and are increasing the presence of these products in the Japan market.

Informing not only Japanese consumers but also Japanese pork producers

We will also communicate the ideas of “protection of the global environment,” “protection of animals,” and “maintaining health through food” ideas that are the themes of Finnish Pure Rare pork to farmers in Japan, and will work to construct a sustainable food culture that is friendly to both nature and livestock farming throughout the Japanese livestock industry.

Exhibit booth at the Supermarket Trade Show (SMTS) held in February 2022

“Miracle Meat,” a High-Quality Meat Substitute Derived from Germinated Soybeans

The global environment surrounding the food we eat is becoming more severe due to population growth and abnormal weather such as droughts and floods caused by global warming.

It is said that what may be called the food crisis has already begun, meaning that production and supply cannot satisfy the demand for food. Since November 2020, NST has formed a capital business alliance with DAIZ Co., a domestic startup that develops and manufactures high-quality Miracle Meat - the company's brand name for a meat substitute derived from germinated soybeans - and is working to expand the sales of the meat substitute, emphasizing new values that differentiate it from the image of conventional meat substitutes.

Miracle Meat is characterized by the use of whole soybeans in order to improve flavor and texture compared with other plant-based meat substitutes that use defatted soybeans (residue after extracting the bean oil) as main raw material. Miracle Meat is expected to overcome consumers' negative perception of the substitutes, such as the inherent smell of soybeans, unaccustomed texture, and inorganic taste. It will also alleviate supply limitations of animal meat.

By utilizing the Foodstuffs Division's broad sales channels, that have become well established over the division's long history in transactions of meat, we look forward to expanding the sales of Miracle Meat and processed foods using Miracle Meat.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system in your vehicle that monitors a pressure and a temperature of tires. An installation of TPMS is mandatory for all vehicle models sold in the United States, Europe, and China. In Japan, the mandatory installation of TPMS is scheduled to start from commercial vehicles. NST is Japan's sales agent for TPMS made by Orange Japan Inc. (Taiwan).

The introduction of this monitoring system will greatly facilitate a maintenance of the appropriate air pressure and a reduction of fuel consumption. Through a data visualization and IoT cloud, it can be a help for new fleet management systems and measurement of the impact of heat island phenomena on tires, which contributes to the realization of a safer society by preventing tire-related accidents.

Through these efforts, we intend to spread the nextgeneration driving control system, which is safer and trustworthy.

COCOROSUS: Sustainability Initiatives

“COCOROSUS” is a collective term for sustainability-related initiatives of the Textile Business Division. In 2018, NST became a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)*, and is committed to sustainable manufacturing from the perspective of materials, products, the environment, and labor affairs.

  • *The SAC is a global alliance for the the apparel industry established in 2011, and as of 2020 consists of approximately 255 companies that share the goal of providing environmentally friendly products to consumers. Seven companies, including NST, are participating from Japan.