Employee Code of Conduct

We, NIPPON STEEL TRADING GROUP employee, shall realize the Group's corporate philosophy through the observation of the following code of conduct.


"Realize corporate growth through personal growth."
We constantly stay ahead of the times with a sense of professionalism. We study, conduct and take action proactively in order to achieve mutual growth.


"Be the one that can be trusted and relied upon constantly."
We invest time in daily communication.
We establish solid relationships of reliability through mutual respect.


"Achieve organizational strength through integration of individuality."
We maintain a flexible mind, breaking free of the confines of existing concepts.
We bring together individual abilities to demonstrate comprehensive strength in all fields.


"Advance to a higher stage with enthusiasm!"
We never fear failure and willingly take the first step forward with a positive attitude, enthusiasm, curiosity, and the desire to improve.
We are never satisfied with the status quo, have an awareness of potential and existing problems, and generate new value.