Diversity & Inclusion

At present, the environment surrounding Nippon Steel Trading (NST) Corporation is constantly changing and, as globalization continues, we are committed to realizing our corporate philosophy and management policies and to achieving sustainable growth. We will create a workplace environment where diverse human resources, including women, the elderly, non-Japanese, and people with disabilities can continue to work. We are strengthening efforts to diversify our organization, and aim to become an inclusive company where all diverse employees can grow and play an active role.

Efforts to Promote Women's Empowerment

Based on the corporate philosophy of cultivating, utilizing and valuing human resources, we have formulated an action plan to create an environment in which female employees can play an active role, and we are actively working on it.

Plan period

From April 01, 2021 to March 31, 2024 (3 years)

Our challenges

  1. 1.Raise the ratio of women in management.
  2. 2.Increase the duration of continued employment of female careertrack employees.
  3. 3.Eliminate anxiety about enabling a balance of work and personal life events for female career-track employees and create an environment that will enable them to look forward to career advancement.

Targets and initiatives

Target 1

Aim to increase the percentage of female employees promoted to manager-class to 80% or more of that of male employees by preparing work environments where female employees can be active in management positions in every workplace.

  1. 1.Conduct career training for women career-track employees.
  2. 2.Implement management programs for managers with women careertrack employees.
  3. 3.Hold seminars for employees involved in childcare, nursing care, etc., with the aim of promoting balancing work with personal life.

Target 2

Aim for the retention ratio of female career-track employees in around the 10th year after employment to be 80% or more of the ratio of male career-track employees by fostering a corporate culture in which female employees can continue to work with favorable motivation.

  1. 1.Conduct an awareness survey to identify issues related to the promotion of women’s empowerment, and use results for the formulation and implementation of improvement measures.
  2. 2.Continue diversity management education for management.
  3. 3.Strengthen training to develop subordinates for section managers.
  4. 4. Promote working efficiency so as to improve work-life balance.

Efforts to Recruit Non-Japanese Employees

As we are working at increasing the global scale of our business, we actively recruit non-Japanese employees, and as of April 1, 2022, 32 non-Japanese employees are working at NST. In addition to the value of their language skills in connection with international transactions, they engage in in-depth dialogues and play an essential role based on their understanding of the culture and economy of both Japan and their country. We aim to stimulate non-Japanese employees and Japanese-national employees with each other and to create synergies.

Outside Director Inoue
Lecture on the subject of careers and women’s empowerment

In April 2022, Outside Director Inoue delivered a lecture for female career-track employees based on her own experience, providing advice for career advancement by women, and explaining what is important for work (planning a career). She had experience being assigned overseas together with her children after joining the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as well as acquiring lawyer qualifications, at a time when there were still few women in the ministry. One participant said she learned that Ms. Inoue, despite her spectacular career, felt the same concerns and ideals as she herself did. She also indicated that she became able to envision a specific career for herself.