Utilization of Diverse Human Resources (Nurturing People, Making Proper Use of People, and Taking Care of People)

Our company’s most valuable asset is its people. We have established “Aiming to become the kind of organization that increasingly cultivates, utilizes, and values human resources and their talents” in our Corporate Philosophy, and the development and utilization of human resources is an important management theme. We are hiring employees from different backgrounds and working to prepare work environments where every individual can put their abilities to maximum use in their respective business areas. The ultimate goal of our human resource strategy is to grow employees who understand our Corporate Philosophy, Management Principles, and Employee Code of Conduct and can independently put them into practice, so that we can continue to be a corporate group that can pull together individual abilities to produce new value.

Employee Code of Conduct


The Employee Code of Conduct (EECC) is a concise statement that describes the mindset and attitude required of each employee in order to make our Corporate Philosophy a reality. When the EECC was created immediately following our business integration in 2013, it was repeatedly discussed and formulated by a diverse task force composed of manager-class employees from each business division, our Corporate Planning & Administration Division, and our Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyushu branches.

We strive to fully understand the values incorporated in the EECC, and for each employee to take the initiative and put them into practice during their daily work so we can enact our Corporate Philosophy and create a new, stronger, and better company with our own hands.

Human Resources Strategy to Foster Expertise and Professionalism in Each Business

We place great importance on further expanding our strengths: employee training and development and our secondary manufacturing capabilities. We have developed a human resources strategy for this purpose and are aiming to accelerate company growth. In addition to training for each employee level, we have also prepared a program for improving specialized expertise and global business capabilities.

Nurturing newly hired employees

  • OJT mentorship for new hires (development planning documents, monthly reports, development interviews)
  • Training of new employees’ mentors, etc.

Enhancement of expertise

  • Training to improve specialized knowledge for each division
  • Financial support for obtaining qualification, and personal development
  • Training on legal affairs and management
  • Practical knowledge acquisition (internal certification system, e-Learning, IT training sessions), etc.

Enhancement of global capabilities

  • Overseas Challenge Program
    • two-year foreign language study program and work training; sent to USA, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Australia, and Brazil
    • A total of 60 employees have completed the Overseas Challenge Program, which began in fiscal 2009.
      (English-speaking regions: 33 persons / Chinese-speaking regions: 18 persons / Other language regions: 9 persons)
  • Short-term overseas English study program
  • Short-term overseas training program for new hires (all new graduates for main career track)
  • Program to learn about an assigned country and seminars on overseas crisis management
  • Measures to enhance English language skills, English self-development courses, etc.

Basic Approach to Abilities Development

Abilities development is conducted primarily through OJT, and is combined with various training for each employee level, specialized training, and other group training. Group training includes training for younger employees to improve their level of the knowledge needed to carry out their work, manager training for learning about management and acquiring the knowledge and skills for contributing to strengthening Group business, global training for developing human resources who can be active in a wide range of business areas, and training for female managers or supervisors to support the activities of female employees. We have also created a system that allows employees to learn at their own initiative, including online learning where employees can choose the curriculum that they want to study.

Promote the training of personnel who can achieve our business strategies while following our Corporate Philosophy and Management Principles.
Encourage employees to do selfdirected learning and support those who are proactive for skill development.
Give consideration to the realization of time productivity, diverse workstyles, and work-life balance, as well as the provision of educational opportunities to local and overseas workers.

Diagram of the abilities development system