Industrial Supply & Infrastructure

Supply of aluminum foil for EV (electric vehicle) lithium ion batteries

The automobile "EV shift" is progressing rapidly around the world. In both France and the UK, sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles will be prohibited by 2040. India has announced a policy of shifting all automobiles sold in the country to EV by 2030. Among all countries in the world, China has taken the most active approach to expanding the use of EV. Of the 1.4 million vehicles sold in the global EV market in 2017, half were sold in China. In order to meet the needs of this "EV shift," the Functional Materials Department of the Industrial Supply & Infrastructure Division is constructing a system for supply of materials used in the components of the lithium ion batteries that are installed in EV, and establishing a scheme for precision slitting and just-in-time delivery of aluminum base material overseas where most of our customers' production plants are located.
In order to meet the demanding quality requirements of our customers, this department has identified EV shift trends at an early stage and is utilizing the global network that only a trading company can construct to identify overseas manufacturing companies that possess high-precision machining technologies and to expand the global market.
The Functional Materials Department is involved in a wide range of business, and will continue utilizing our company's global network and working to expand its business in the EV market that is in the global spotlight.