Message From the President

The world faces a range of issues that threaten the global environment and the sustainability of our societies. Since the adoption of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and Paris Agreement (COP21) in 2015, corporations are required to enact measures to address the global environment and the sustainability of our societies than ever before.

Under these Circumstances, In the Medium- to Long-Term Management Plan that was announced in May 2021, the NST Group has positioned “enhancing ESG management” as a primary policy, and has newly established important issues (materiality) we work on.

Specifically, we will contribute to a carbon-free and recycling-based society by proposing eco-solutions. We will strive with consideration for diversity and inclusion to develop human resources that will be leaders in the next generation, and further improve safety and health management. In addition, we will be committed to management based on reliability and trust, and strongly promote enhancing ESG management more than ever before.

In addition, NST Group declared carbon neutrality for fiscal 2050 in our medium- to long-term management plan, and in May 2022, pledged our support for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Amidst the accelerating global movement towards sustainability, the NST Group aims to become a strong growth company that contributes to society by actively fulfilling the responsibilities and making efforts to resolve issues.

June 2022
President and Representative Director
Shinichi Nakamura