Initiatives and KPIs to Address Priority Issues (Materiality)

In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, the NST Group has identified six priority issues (materiality) related to ESG management that must be focused on, based on the issues of stakeholders, the Group’s corporate philosophy and roles, and growth strategies. Initiatives related to these issues will lead us to the achievement of SDGs corresponding to each of the materiality components we identified. Recognizing the role that our stakeholders and society expect us to play, we are actively working to resolve the issues and achieve the SDGs.

Each division selects priority themes to address and creates a detailed action plan, which it then carries out. The ESG Committee also conducts regular monitoring of progress and operates a PDCA cycle in connection with the business strategy to reliably achieve results. We will utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) that evaluate the results from efforts to address materiality to conduct proper follow-up and ensure full implementation, thereby contributing to sustainable social growth and enhancing corporate value.