Pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the "Act"), NIPPON STEEL TRADING CORPORATION ("Nippon Steel Trading ") makes the following announcement.

1. Company Name, Company Address, Name of Representative(Article 32.1.1of the Act)

Address 2-7-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-6025, Japan
President and Representative Director Shinichi Nakamura

2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information (Article 21.1 and Article 32.1.2 of the Act)

Purposes of use for personal information that Nippon Steel Trading collects and retains are, in addition to cases where the purposes of use are notified or announced to you on an individual basis, as described below unless the circumstances of acquisition make the purposes of use clearly evident, or notification or announcement is not required by the Act.

Type of Personal Information Purposes of Use
Clients and other business partners (the "Business Partners")
  • Conduct of business with companies, governmental offices and other organizations which have business relations with Nippon Steel Trading, including sale of products and purchase of materials and equipment
  • Communication associated with the above purposes
  • Exercising rights and performing obligations pursuant to the Companies Act
  • Provision of services for shareholders
  • Implementing various measures to ensure a smooth relationship between shareholders and Nippon Steel Trading, especially from the perspective of a corporation and its members
  • Management of shareholders, including the compilation of shareholder data in accordance with standards set forth in laws and regulations
Lists of contacts of companies, governmental offices and other organizations, including lists which are commercially available
  • Contacting a person on a list
  • Check and confirmation of organizational structures and positions of employees/officials of companies, governmental offices and other organizations which have business relations with Nippon Steel Trading (the "Interested Parties")
Public relations
  • Sending PR magazines, calendars, e-mail newsletters, etc.
  • Responding to inquiries
  • Internship planning and management work
  • Recruitment selection work
  • Application information of those who are hired as a result of recruitment screening will be treated as personnel information of our company after joining the company.
  • Contact and provision of information regarding future recruitment information (career recruitment, etc.)
  • Information on medical examinations upon employment, joining procedures, etc.
  • Reference for future recruitment activities of our company and other work related to and incidental to recruitment selection, joining, etc.
Employees and former employees ( "employees, etc.") and families of employees, etc.
  • Operations related to human resources, rewards and punishments, labor management, labor unions, wages, social insurance, income taxation, education and training, welfare benefits, and occupational safety and health.
  • Administrative procedures related to congratulations and condolences and insurance affairs
  • Contact after retirement
  • Work related to our company's compliance promotion, such as responding to internal reports made by employees, etc.
Use of computer systems
  • Issuance and cancellation of IDs to use the Nippon Steel Trading system or services provided through the system (the "Services")
  • Notices to users with regard to the Services
  • Management of Services usage (including security management)
  • Confirmation and inquiry with regard to data that users provide when using the Services
  • Other uses that are incidental to the above items

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties (Article 27 of the Act)

(1) Provision to Third Parties
In principle, Nippon Steel Trading will not provide personal information to third parties without your consent. However, the following cases are exceptions:
  • Cases in which opt-out procedures for provision to a third party are conducted (Article 27.2 of the Act);
  • Cases in which business activities are subcontracted, businesses are succeeded, or there is joint use of personal information (Article 27.5 of the Act); and
  • Cases in which your consent is not necessary under the Act (Article 27.1 of the Act).
(2) Joint Utilization (Article 27.5.3 of the Act)
In the case of joint use of personal information, it will be done as follows unless otherwise Nippon Steel Trading notifies necessary matters to you individually or makes such matters easily accessible.
Items of personal data subject to joint use Name, position/title, company address/phone number, e-mail address and other items necessary to make contact for business, of the directors and employees of Nippon Steel Trading, Business Partners and Interested Parties
Those who may jointly use the personal data Nippon Steel Trading, the Business Partners and the Interested Parties
Purpose of joint use Communication for business purposes between Nippon Steel and the Business Partners or Interested Parties
Names of those in charge of management of personal data
  • Management of personal data of directors and employees of Nippon Steel Trading: NIPPON STEEL TRADING CORORATION
  • Management of personal data of directors and employees of the Business Partners and the Interested Parties: each of the Business Partners and the Interested Parties (companies, governmental offices, organizations, etc.)

4. Procedures to Make a Request for Disclosure and Other Matters (Article 32.1.3, 32.1.4, Article 37 and Article 40 of the Act)

(1) Place to Submit a Request for Disclosure
A request for disclosure should be submitted to the division which acquired personal information from you. In the case that you are not sure where to contact, please call General Administration Division of Nippon Steel Trading (Phone: +81-3-6772-5001).
(2) Necessary Documents for a Request for Disclosure (Format)
A designated request form of a request for disclosure will be sent to you by mail, fax or e-mail, unless we determine otherwise for the particular case. Please fill in and send the request form with an identification document (a copy of either a driver's license, passport or health insurance card) by mail or fax to the place of submission provided above.
In the case of a proxy request, please attach a document substantiating proxy representation in addition to the aforementioned documents.
(3) Place to File a Complaint
Complaints regarding the handling of personal information held by Nippon Steel Trading should be lodged with the division which acquired the personal information. In the case that you are not sure where to contact, please call General Administration Division of Nippon Steel Trading (Phone: +81-3-6772-5001).